April 2018

April 20, 2018 - It's been awhile since I've updated. Things have been crazy with fundraising since January. We are now at $41,000.00 out of our $50,000.00 goal. We have been so blessed by so many with their financial support. Rilynn is just amazing. We are told over and over by the doctors how amazing she is doing. They can't believe that she isn't on more medication than she is; not normal for a dialysis patient they say. Our God continues to amaze us every step of the way. She is currently in a cast from the waist down to fix her dislocated hip that she was born with. To us, the cast is just a horrible position to be in for 12 weeks, but not Rilynn. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. Her Paps built her a Spica chair so she can sit up. Her movements and positions are very limited with her cast. We now have 5 matched donors (yay), and the doctors have just this week chosen one out of the five that they feel is the best match and she will be going to all day evaluation/testing next month. We are beyond excited, especially that this person is a great friend....just a wonderful person to give so selfishly!! We love her! Below is a picture after a trip to Mott's where good news was given (as usual) on all her lab work.... she only needs 2 shots a week for her red blood cells instead of the 3 a week her mom has to give her. Isn't she just beautiful!