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December 18, 2018

It's been a long year, that is for sure! My last post in August, we were waiting for surgery to remove the tumors from the liver. That never happened. It was determined that the liver had just too much cancer, therefore she was put on the liver transplant list as Priority 1. We are in need of a deceased child's liver. Such heartbreaking news that a child needs to die, for our little girl to live. How important it has become to me to spread the word on being an organ donor! It is now almost Christmas and we are still waiting for a liver. We are on round 5 of chemo. Chemo will continue until a liver is found. We still have the good news that the cancer has not spread anywhere else in the body and we are so thankful for that. Our family continues to stand on our faith waiting for our miracle to manifest. Rilynn is a strong girl and she is doing amazing!